The Basics of Terrarium that You Should Know Before Your Buy or Make One

Terrarium decor

A terrarium is a marvelous decorating item we can put anywhere, from our bedroom to the living room. It brings natural nuance to the house, and some designs even allow a terrarium to showcase its otherworldly atmosphere as if the world in it is one separate world.

A terrarium is also very easy to make. Terrarium media can be from used materials, which is good for recycling and green lifestyle, and the plants do not have to be exotic, rare, nor expensive. The art of a terrarium lies in the placing and structuring.

Before you decide to buy a terrarium, you should know this basic knowledge first so that you can improve your taste and end up having a unique terrarium.

Terrarium type based on the organisms

Plant in a jarSome terrariums use plants only, and the other the combination of plants and insects, or other animals. Therefore, there are two types of terrarium: fauna and flora.

Terrariums are originally famous for snake and lizard owners, and their size used to be medium to large only. But the size can be smaller depending on what ecosystem the terrarium has.

Lizard TerrariumThere is even a self-sustaining terrarium, the microfauna terrarium. It combines mold, fungus, microorganism, and insects to keep the ecosystem efficient. When it is efficient, your interference is not required for the organisms in the terrarium to survive.

Terrarium based on the ecosystem

TerrariumThere are four well-known ecosystem-based terrariums: desert, terrestrial, tropical, and the one that has been hinted on the previous subheading, microfauna terrarium. Each has their features and requirements, which make them unique from one to another.

Desert terrarium uses desert elements: sands, cactus, succulents, rocks, and desert insects. Scorpions, snakes, or beetles suit this terrarium very well.

In a tropical terrarium, you will have moss, bonsai tree, spiderwort, starfish plant, and spider fern. Ants, worms, beetles, and spiders will look good on this terrarium.

Terrestrial terrarium imitates the look of rocky mountains and cliffs. The plant for this environment is from tillandsia genus.

A microfauna terrarium typically takes a tropical look, because it tends to look wet and humid. The fauna for this terrarium is a snail, isopods, nematodes, and protozoans.

Choosing the right one

To choose the right terrarium for you, you should consider the place where you are going to put it. For a living room, where light is most likely to be always on, a tropical terrarium with the wet environment will not be suitable. Microfauna also cannot stand light too much, because to them, even the light from the bulb is scorching enough.

A desert terrarium can be your option to be the living room decorative item. But having a fauna in it will be tricky. We suggest only the plant-based one.…

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Habits that Will Make Your Home Dust-free and Appealing

House cleaning

House appearance affects the mood of the owner and everyone living in it. When it comes to networking, such as inviting colleagues to have a business dinner, dusty living room, moldy toilet, and sink smell will not leave a good impression, and it also means ruined reputation.

Besides, a dusty sofa is the ideal place for mites to breed. Left for a long time, it can cause skin rash and irritation. Postponing to clean the house will just bring more harm than good.

You should change your habits and start adopting the ones below to make your house dust-free and appealing to the guests.

Getting used to using a vacuum cleaner

VacuumBrooming the house is an old way of house cleaning, and you should have more vacuum-cleaners. Buy more than twos when you are living with your partner or family member. Make house cleaning everyone’s duty and schedule it.

Do not hesitate to buy a new vacuum when the old one broken. The outdated vacuum model also cannot function efficiently. Dyson Cinetic ‘Big Ball’, Numatic Henry, and Shark Light Lift-Away are the top three vacuum from 2017 edition. Pick one from those choices because it is going to be your main partner to fight the dust and debris particles in your house.

When you are vacuuming the house, prioritize your sofa, bedroom, and other furniture items with cushions. Eliminates those spider webs in every corner of your rooms, and suck away those filths beneath your carpet. If you have acoustic panels installed, you should also clean them regularly as well. You should at least do the cleaning once for every two days.

Avoiding hoarding thing

HoarderAlways throw away whatever things you cannot use. If there is any household recycle depot nearby, give the unused items to them.

Check your basement for half-broken refrigerator or TVs, and see if there are any salvageable materials that you can sell to electronic recyclers. Put the rest remainings in the dumpster.

Piled up things invite cockroaches and rodent to mate, breed, and nest. If you find any pest infestation, call an exterminator immediately because it can spread to another place.

Washing the dirty dishes as soon as possible

Clean DishNot all houses can afford a dishwasher machine, and it is not that necessary either. To keep the kitchen clean, you can just buy a pair of dishwashing rubber gloves, brush, and dish soap.

We mostly avoid washing the dishes directly because the food remnants and the sink waste are just gross to touch. They can also slip and stuck in between our nails, which can be unhealthy and make us prone to get diseases.

With complete equipment, then we can wash the dishes without being afraid of touching the waste directly. Also, change the fixed sink tap with the one that resembles a shower hose. You need to have the tap head to be flexible enough to make cleaning dishes easier and faster.…

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