Reducing Noise in Home for a More Quality Life

Noise can disrupt life quality, especially for a busy person with a tight schedule. Everything should be on time, including rest time. But the sounds of partying neighbor, late-night TV with high volume, and stomping footstep are all not going to compromise.

In big cities with high traffic, the situation can get even worse. Vehicle noise will be non-stop, twenty-four hours for seven days. And when we can neither change the condition nor move to a quieter place, the best we can do is to make our room sound-proof.

Read the information below and do what it has suggested, you will be surprised how comfortable and solemn your place can be.

Reducing noise slipping through the door

DOORYou might have thought the source of all noises coming into and from your house is from the wall. That is partially correct because improper insulation of the door can let sound waves to enter and exit too.

To overcome the problem, you can install solid core doors. It might be expensive because the door has solid material filling inside, such as hardwood or medium density fiberboard (FDM). But high density is the feature you are looking for if you want to reduce sound transmittance.

The small gaps between the door frame and wall framing facilitate sounds to travel. Seal them with door gasket. Prefer anodized aluminum casing because it is the best insulator.

Weatherstripping also prevents sound wave, and it is much cheaper and easier to apply than the gasket. The self-adhesive tapes are available at the nearest Home Depot. And with this soundproofing material combined with a solid-core door alone, you can reduce the STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of your house by 2 points.

Looking up in the ceiling

Ceiling NoiseWhat we mostly overlook when we try to make our place less noisy is the noise crawling up in the ceiling. You do not need to renovate the whole house/room to insulate it from noise. You can use acoustic ceiling panels.

Armstrong ceiling panels have 0.55 noise reduction coefficient and are resistant to class A fire (32 – 210 degree F). The alternative to Armstrong panels is Genesis ceiling tiles.Despite the similar pricing, Genesis has more resistance than Armstrong. Genesis tiles can withstand leaked water, mold and mildew. They are also washable.

Decide wisely, but either product you choose is undoubtedly going to help you to have a good night sleep.

Installing deadening panels

music studioHave you ever visited a music practice studio? Noticed the materials used on the wall? Those are pieces of sound deadening panels.

The panels are made of foam materials that can absorb sounds. The panels also have to be designed with special patterns. The patterns are meant to disrupt the soundwave longitude and frequency. The standard pattern is the wedge protrusion decorated in rows forming a square. That wedge is the shape that can reduce the length of soundwave.


Effective soundproofing will cost you a lot. If you want a total noise reduction, save the money ahead of time. And when it deals with home, no price is high enough to bring the comfort and peace to the dwellers.